Our Core Values

Integrity, Inclusion, Accountability, Efficiency, Excellence, Commitment


To raise awareness on epilepsy and provide support, education, information and to improve the quality of lives of persons battling epilepsy and related seizures live a full life.


A continent free of barriers and discrimination where people living with epilepsy and related seizures live a life of dignity and are empowered to live their purpose


1. To promote a platform for experience sharing and create a support network for persons with epilepsy to participate in all endeavors. 2. To impact the lives by giving hope to persons living with epilepsy, related seizures and their caregivers ; to help them overcome the challenges and rise beyond the seizures 3. To strengthen the ability to manage the physical, social and emotional aspects of epilepsy and related seizures. 4. To provide life skills, engage in advocacy and human rights support for persons with epilepsy and their families.

Our work (Thematic Areas)


The program focuses on exploring the  legal and policy directives on the dimensions affecting persons living with epilepsy in Africa and seeks to lobby for beyond zero stigmatization or discrimination of persons living with epilepsy.

Hatua Afrika seeks to partner with like minded partners to ensure fair  treatment and equal opportunities in the schools, market place, places of work and all institutions of persons living with epilepsy.


The program focuses on the economic empowerment of persons living with epilepsy who form our support groups  to reduce their vulnerability and dependency. This is achieved through life skills training and provision of opportunities for entrepreneurship and income generation through training them on bead and jewellery  making, arts and crafts, modelling, Soap Making, mat weaving, agribusiness,business management and record keeping.

The organization works to connect the support groups members with a market for their products and undertakes market research. The organization seeks to partner with institutions that can support this program on its income generation schemes.


The program focuses on health and treatment options for persons living with epilepsy  and educating communities on first aid.  The reasons why epilepsy begins are different for people of different ages. But what’s true for every age is that the cause is unknown for about half of everyone with epilepsy.

Hatua Afrika seeks to partner with medical practitioners, hospitals  and pharmaceutical companies to support persons living with epilepsy with medical information, treatment options and medication at subsidized rates through our support groups and other networks.

Psycho-social support is important in breaking down the stigma, dispelling the myths and supporting persons living with epilepsy and their families to empower them to live beyond the seizures and have a sense of belonging.


Hatua Afrika is committed to  ​creating awareness about Epilepsy and promoting access to information on the causes, treatment options and management of epilepsy. ​

​It further focuses on launching of campaigns to improve the understanding and management seizures, offering of first aid and information on the available support groups on epileptic care.

Hatua Afrika has initiated various primary school and secondary school projects to raise awareness on epilepsy and help the pupils and students rise beyond the stigma and embrace life with seizures. The program is focused on launching various activities in our advocacy journey that will incorporate  various institutions, the media,state and non state actors in our advocacy work..


The program seeks to promote the education of persons living with epilepsy by partnering with the ministry of education and the ministry of health and education stakeholders to ensure that persons living with epilepsy  get formal education

​ and are given an opportunity to acquire knowledge and realize their career goals​.

There has been reported cases of discrimination of persons living with epilepsy in institutions of learning ​and lack of support to persons with seizures who miss classes and at times examinations due to this condition.

Hatua Afrika is committed to ensure that persons living with Epilepsy get an opportunity to attend school and ​compete in the market place​


1. Bernice Mugambi

Bernice is Kenya`s best known beauty with a purpose queen and a professional monitoring and evaluation expert. She gives  direction well and works hard to manage stakeholder expectations. Her idea to have the Foundation in place was conceived as a result of her experiences as a person battling epilepsy. She bravely won the battle and is now seizure free. She heads the Hatua Afrika foundation team as its Executive director. She is a firm, admirable and an accomplished programmes implementer and a model.  Her story is about a tale of a woman whose purpose is to fight the stigma, dispel the myths about epilepsy  and restore hope to the persons who battle it.

She has faced the realities of a young adult finding her niche in life and battling epilepsy. She is passionate about changing lives, impacting persons with epilepsy and nurturing them to live life to their fullest potential through empowerment programmes. She hopes for a continent free of stigma and more opportunities being availed to persons battling epilepsy

Richard Tsuma

Richard takes charge of the communication docket. With his art to network with various state and non state actors. He is aconfident and credible individual with the kind of communications skills that inspire on all levels of the professional cadre.he is an excellent team player  who performs brilliantly under any work environment.


He has experience in generating programme reports, production of Information, education and communication material and working with various organizations that cater for persons with disability.

Jackline Kigombe

Jackline takes charge of client relations. She is an accomplished community mobilizer and project officer. She organizes  the support group meetings and activities as well as following through the foundation`s clients. She is passionate about community service and economic empowerment of persons with disability.

She has  a track record of ensuring projects are delivered to the highest quality, within budget by effectively organizing, managing and utilizing all resources. She hopes for a world where persons with epilepsy can sustain themselves  and be embraced by the societies in which they belong to.

Jackline Nganga

Jackline  is a meticulous and highly experienced, brilliant, dedicated, efficient, ambitious and passionate professional project officer who has a wealth of experience in national projects and community programmes on governance and diverse human rights issues. Resulting from her  passion in impacting  the lives of persons with disability and as an epileptic survivor, she joined Hatua Afrika Foundation. She takes charge  of partnership relations with our state and non state actors  and advocacy activities.

Her driving force is the innate desire to see that children battling epilepsy have their right to education safeguarded and they are allowed to go through the education system and have a bright future. Her passion is to ensure that persons battling epilepsy are accepted, retained in the work place and allowed to explore their potential.

Rise above 

The foundation aims at improving the quality of lives for people with epilepsy through active support groups and raising awareness about epilepsy.

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